Hello, Great to See You! 🙂

Before we introduce ourselves we thank you all who come to our Web Site.

We are ordinary Korean(South Korea, Of course) twenteenagers studying, working like the other twenties.

We are quite closed to each other so we often gather together to do something.

One day, we came across an Internet article that Korean noodles have become famous around the world.

We also found that many countries now sell Korean noodles in their super markets.

But they are not all we’ve got! there are much more noodles that you can not ever think of.

Besides, when you go to super market, 5 or more noodles which you don’t know are packed.

So you may hesitate to buy these, thinking whether they are good or not.

Now Here We Are! We deliver many different, unique, awesome noodles in a box so that

You can experience a completely new fantastic Korean noodle world.

We ate more than 40 instant noodles to pick out this first box.

We are confident that everyone will be satisfied. It’s a start so we start with only Korean noodles which we know very well.

We promise we keep searching for the best noodles around the world to share with you.

The kinds of noodles in the box will be updated every single month.

Thank You!