TitleThe best ways to cook Korean Noodle [ 3 ] # What is first?2018-09-05 22:03:52

'Noodles first? Soup first?'


What is the scientifically proven correct answer?

Controversy continues over whether to put the noodle or soup first when boiling water.

The claim for this is very different from person to person.

The order of noodles is slightly different, and there is also scientific evidence here.

First of all, if you define 'delicious noodle', it is noodle which is good enough to eat in good condition of soup.

Here the degree of ripening is related to the temperature of the boiling water and the cooking time.

Pure water boils at 100 degrees Celsius when the external pressure is 1 atm,

but if there is something else dissolved in the water under the same atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of the water rises. 'Boiling point ascending' phenomenon occurs.

Therefore, as the soup melts in water, it boils at a higher temperature of about 105 ° C.

Before the water boils, add the soup and heat it at a temperature higher than the boiling point of the water.

So, first of all, the scientific first answer is soup first.
Of course, the taste of noodles can be said to be judged by the amount of 'water', so if you put noodle in first, put soup first, or put noodle and soup together,

you will not feel much difference in taste.

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